L7 Population

Tools For A New Political Economy

Encourage Adoption & Discourage Reproduction

If trends in developed and developing countries are any indication, it is likely that human population will eventually stabilize. In the meantime, however, explosive population growth continues to have an enormous impact on demands for resources, environmental destruction and pollution, and perpetuation of poverty. Instead of incentivizing reproduction through tax credits and welfare benefits, while at the same time limiting access to family planning and reproductive choice for women, we can reverse this position. For example, additional social credits could be made available for anyone who adopts any number of children, whereas the same benefits would only be offered to the first two children that a couple conceives. It is clear that for any such proposals to gain traction in a meaningful way, the average moral altitude of the general population will need to advance beyond egoic and tribal orientations to an Earth-centric level of awareness or beyond.

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