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Tools For A New Political Economy

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Level 7 Overview

Welcome to a Level 7 Political Economy


Working together, we can repair a broken world — an imperative that is quickly running out of time. This website, created as an educational resource for activism and policy development, defines some of the existential threats to a thriving, sustainable and egalitarian political economy in the U.S. and globally, and offers proposed solutions, philosophies and resources to remedy our downward spiral. The aim here is to synthesize healing and transformative projects — projects that transcend the failures of our current systems, integrating creative vision with world-tested ideas. Solutions abound, and many of the concepts and practices described on this site have already had proven success. At the same time, all Level 7 proposals are in ongoing development and open to input, discussion, testing, refinement and expansion. This website is meant to inspire first steps in participatory design and implementation of long-term solutions that can begin right now.

To appreciate the goals and origins of a Level 7 political economy, please visit the
L7 Philosophy page.

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For more detail, here are the draft

Articles of Transformation for a Level 7 Political Economy

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