L7 Property - Liberty - Responsibility

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article VII

Regarding the Relationship Between Property Position, Individual Liberty & Civic Responsibility

Problems To Solve

The tyranny of private ownership:
  • Arbitrary and capricious valuation of goods and services
  • Private accumulation that dictates how common resources are utilized
  • Interference with personal and collective freedoms
  • Wealth concentration (see Article I)
  • Amplification of individualistic materialism (i.e. moral immaturity)

Proposed Solutions

  1. Progressive implementation of Level 7 property position and common property shares
  2. Creation and maintenance of an holistic value reference index for goods and services, as a combined effort of all four branches of government, with periodic public feedback and moderation
  3. Link social credit accumulations and utilization to civic participation
  4. Diffuse institutional authority, distributing local decision-making to community-level organizations
  5. Elimination of corporate monopolies
  6. Community Coregroups to advocate shared values, the unitive principle and moral maturity

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