L7 Holistic Health

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article XII

Regarding the Normalization of Public Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health as Integral to Holistic Health

Problems To Solve

Accelerating increases in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical maladies caused by stresses, pollutants, diets and habits of modern capitalist society.
  • Expression of latent genetic dysfunction via stress-indued phenotypes, with phenotypical iteration and expansion in subsequent generations
  • Epidemic increases in Type II Diabetes
  • Disregard for, and stigmatization of, mental illness
  • Commercial amplification of self-destructive habits and dependencies
  • Fee-for-service healthcare and private insurance model inflate costs and induce perverse incentives

Proposed Solutions

  1. Institute prophylactic mental, emotional and spiritual well-being (i.e. development of healthful, self-nurturing habits) similarly to the way preventative physical self-care is already promoted
  2. Encourage self-sufficiency in all dimensions of self-care instead of externalized dependencies
  3. Integrate all healing disciplines (consider Integral Lifework triage model)
  4. End fee-for-service model of healthcare, folding all health services into the Universal Social Backbone and focusing on holistic/multidimensional health outcomes

Design Principles Applied to Create More Distributed & Diffused Wealth & Power

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