L7 Egalitarian Competition

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article VIII

Regarding Replacing Individualistic Materialism with Collective Egalitarianism in Competitive Markets

Problems To Solve

  • Extraordinary deception and exaggeration in advertising and reliance on “caveat emptor” justifications
  • Creating or amplifying consumerist mindset and dependency on external solutions
  • Careless and injurious “rush to market” mentality that disregards negative externalities, risks to consumers, etc.
  • Increasing isolation and alienation of individuals from their communities
  • Predatory or unethical ends-justifies-means anticompetitive business practices
  • Abuse of legal system to enhance marketshare (patent trolling, frivolous lawsuits, etc.)
  • Monopolization that disrupts healthy innovation and competition
  • Conspicuous consumption resulting in excessive waste, unhealthy acquisitiveness and unsustainable resource depletion
  • Targeting of vulnerable youth (children, teens and emerging adults) with harmful products, advertising and consumerist conditioning

Proposed Solutions

  1. Embed links in all advertising to PIC fact-checking on advertisement’s claims (…and possibly product reviews and comparisons as well?)
  2. Disallow any and all advertising that targets vulnerable youth (including product placement or promotion in children’s media)
  3. With the exception of new innovations (which have a grace period while other producers catch up), cap marketshare and production capacity on any well-established product or service at 25%. Technologies and approaches that prove to have ubiquitous application and real-world superiority to everything else should be considered for integration into the Universal Social Backbone.
  4. Inclusion of holistic valuation in product development, licensing and regulation in accordance with the precautionary principle
  5. Accountability of local businesses to the communities in which they operate via daily direct democracy, CDCs, citizens councils, and community NGOs
  6. Reconfiguration of goods and services production according to a Level 7 enterprise schema, and encouraging friendly competition between these enterprises
  7. Reframing profit itself to better reflect the values of an egalitarian civil society

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