L7 Wealth

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article I

Regarding Concentrations of Wealth, Their Disruption to Democracy and Proposed Remedies

Problems To Solve

Arbitrary, self-serving, self-perpetuating concentrations of wealth and power that create a de facto “ruling class” of owner-shareholders that undermines democracy. This is primarily due to:
  • Inherited material assets and cultural capital maintain wealth inequality
  • Illicit enlargement of capital via political cronyism, clientism and regulatory capture
  • Extraordinary and widening income inequality
  • Engineered disruption of economic mobility through subsistence wages, increased debt burden, and dependent consumption
  • Sabotage of democratic process via political campaign financing, gerrymandering, media capture and voter disenfranchisement
  • Insulation of corporate holdings and accountability through corporate personhood and pro-corporate judicial activism
  • Monopolization and consequent disruption to constructive competition and innovation
  • Aggressive promotion of neoliberal agenda via media, democratic processes, public policy and all branches of government

Proposed Solutions

  1. Disrupt “business as usual” & pro-capitalist PR campaigns
  2. Eliminate corporate personhood & right to free speech via Constitutional Amendment
  3. Institute greater direct democracy at all levels of government
  4. Create citizens councils via civic lottery
  5. Limit all political campaigns to public funding & a cap of gifted media advertising
  6. Migrate away from shareholder ownership of production to common and worker ownership
  7. Eliminate corporate monopolies
  8. Establish collective and transparent deliberation over industry-wide salaries and highest-to-lowest pay ratios (via some combination of direct democracy, citizens councils and worker voting)
  9. Create new community-centric schema & structures for enterprise
  10. Subjugate profit incentives to civil society, rather than civil society to profits.
  11. Create non-profit infrastructure & essential services sector of competing enterprises & social credits system (i.e. a Universal Social Backbone)
  12. Enlist the wealthiest elite as change agents
  13. Institute 30% tithe on all inheritance and migrate away from private ownership towards common ownership (i.e. a Level 7 property position)
  14. Reform the stock market & fiat money, and end speculation without value (see Article IX)
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