L7 Democracy

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article II

Regarding the Failures of Representative Democracy to Represent or Serve its Electorate, and the Need for Expanded Direct Democracy and Civic Engagement at the Community Level

Problems To Solve

  • Elected representatives represent special interests, corporations and the wealthy rather than the electorate
  • Individual voters feel profoundly disconnected from a highly abstracted political process, resulting in a felt reality of “taxation without representation”
  • Crony capitalism and clientism have captured regulation and bent all branches of government to neoliberal and corporate agendas
  • Gridlock in state and federal legislatures has undermined voter confidence in the efficacy of government
  • Representation in state and federal government has been gravely distorted by excessive gerrymandering
  • Two-party polarization and in-group/out-group tribalism and demonization has crippled effective governance
  • The electoral college and primary systems do not fairly or accurately convey the will of the people in both candidate and platform competition and selection

Proposed Solutions

  1. Hold elected officials accountable via referenda
  2. Institute greater direct democracy at all levels of government
  3. Create citizens councils via civic lottery
  4. Utilize citizens assemblies (also created via civic lottery) on an as-needed basis at all levels of government
  5. Limit all political campaigns to public funding & a cap of gifted media advertising
  6. Institute universal algorithmic redistricting for U.S. elections
  7. Eliminate the electoral college completely, if necessary via Constitutional Amendment
  8. Revamp primaries so that more candidates, parties and perspectives can compete on a level playing field
  9. Reform judicial elections, appointment process & terms to increase independence of judiciary
  10. Advocate grass-roots non-governmental civic institutions focused on community engagement
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