L7 Anti-Militarism

Tools For A New Political Economy

Article X

Regarding an End to Militarism and WMD

Problems To Solve

The endangerment of all life on Earth through the constant striving of nation states to gain the upper economic hand using (or threatening to use) militarism or weapons of mass destruction. This is frequently a consequence of:
  • A thriving military-industrial-congressional complex
  • War-profiteering by those with a neoliberal agenda who infiltrate government institutions
  • Individualistic materialism (i.e. moral immaturity) that justifies individual and collective aggression
  • Permeating “culture of violence” within entertainment, communities and institutions

Proposed Solutions

  1. Lead by example (attenuate international militarism and WMD development and stockpiles)
  2. Constitutional amendment that 1) disallows unilateral military aggression; 2) creates two-stage direct democratic control over military budgeting and all military actions; and 3) bans all military actions against domestic and foreign civilian targets
  3. Criminalize war profiteering
  4. Disassociate the use of military force from the establishing, protecting and maintaining of economic resources and activity
  5. Attenuate the militarization of domestic law enforcement, and decriminalize all forms of public nonviolent resistance
  6. Link the quality, orientation and extent of trade relations with international peers to their demonstrated societal moral development (inclusive of evidenced militarism and WMD development and stockpiling)
  7. Engage the causes of terrorism and asynchronous warfare via their cultural and economic roots, rather than via military conflict
  8. Create alternate, nonviolent, collectively binding mechanisms for conflict resolution, law enforcement, correctional institutions and resolution of international disagreements

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